KLIMA(9🌲, 9🌲) pool is live on Market!

Climate change will be solved by innovators not complainers.

3 min readNov 18, 2021

The Market team is pumped to announce that we have just deployed a $KLIMA+$BCT pool on polygon.market.xyz! You can access the pool here. This pool is born out of an exciting partnership with the KLIMA DAO. Together, we have decided to name the pool ‘Green Leverage Locker’. The pool will initially enable the $KLIMA and $BCT token holders to leverage their tokens but eventually aims to become THE pool for leveraging any asset in the Green ecosystem on polygon. This new pool gives our users the best experience when going (9,9). Since Market is on the Polygon network, leveraging your assets for degenerate yield has never been easier or cheaper.

We love empowering Klima’s initiative to increase the price of carbon assets via the $KLIMA token. All while earning over 36,900% APY nice. Together us degens can help save the earth!

The $KLIMA token, hence maximises value creation for the community and creates a virtuous cycle of growth. Eventually, the KLIMA token (each backed by real, verified carbon assets) will function as a truly sustainable asset and medium-of-exchange, with real planetary value.

Market allows for customization of borrowable assets to their pool creators. Klima chose to only enable supplying of sKLIMA. This means sKLIMA can only be longed. Since you can’t borrow $KLIMA from the pool it’s impossible to short (9,9)🤝(🌲,🌲).

The assets that are currently live in this pool are $sKLIMA (the LP token for staked KLIMA), $BCT, $USDC, $MAI, $wETH, $wMATIC and $FRAX.

Steps to leverage your $sKLIMA tokens using the Green Leverage Locker

  1. Open polygon.market.xyz/pool/5 to access the Green Leverage Locker Pool
  2. Connect your wallet (ensure that it’s set on the Polygon Network)

3. Enable sKLIMA as a collateral and supply some sKLIMA tokens to the pool

4. Borrow another asset from the pool against your collateral (you can choose among USDC, wMATIC, MAI, FRAX and wETH)

5. Use Sushiswap (or any swap of your choice) to swap that asset for KLIMA.

6. Stake KLIMA on dapp.klimadao.finance/#/stake (to get $sKLIMA)

7. Voila, you have successfully leveraged your KLIMA holdings. Now go back to step 1!

Join the Green Leverage Locker pool discussion group on Telegram here.

Our mission at Market is to empower the community to organize and discover efficient market interactions by building an ungated decentralized finance infrastructure. Hence, we are excited by the prospects of how much value this partnership can potentially create. Here’s to the world of DeFi and permissionless finance!

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